Meet Our Founders

Jason Jaggers

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Jason is a cocktail enthusiast who spends his spare time helping with his passion project, West Main Crafting Co.  He is a little too serious about 80's music and enjoys survival and 4X video games. 


Chuy is the master negotiator on our team, managing to effectively communicate with just his expressive eyes. While his technical skills are somewhat limited, he has never missed a day of work. 

Chad Amos

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Chad likes playing nerdy board games with friends, and is easily distracted by numeric counters. He also enjoys listening to How the Universe Works while falling asleep.


Easily the most vocal of our group, Data enjoys eating and meeting new people. He works for free, and while he can't do much, we appreciate his enthusiasm.

Team Leads

Jennifer Blau

Gail Ingersoll

Josh Lewis

Sergii Liskovyi

Kaitlin Myers

Tyler Porter

Aaron Taber

Austin Taing

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